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ELS CRIMS DEL CONVENT libro de 238 paginas, escrito en español que trata sobre Novela negra, escritas por el escritor SALVADOR BALCELLS I VILA , 2017 financiado por la editoral GREGAL

  • Paginas 238
  • ISBN 9788494649042
  • Categoria Novela negra
  • Editorial GREGAL

Sinopsis del libro ELS CRIMS DEL CONVENT en castellano

Any 1869.

The convent of Santa Anna dAlcover, abandoned by the arranged brothers of the disentailment of ecclesiastical goods, acull poor to the seves celles and to the lhospital, instal-lat a lantiga església.

The convent found a corpse with a hat and a face full of slaves to the police.

A mysterious gos nha permès gos unveil it.

It is a time of riots and political laboratories of the people, forcing the mayor to face long-term research and the local serene.

They've debrided who's the victim and who's killed her.

A few minutes later, on another side of the village, a second home death appeared in a semblant way.

This is the beginning of a new era of payment.

The conviction that there is an assassí in the angunieja series of the population.un fet casual permet saber qui era la primera víctima.

The impression that the second crime may have been named a parany per distreure latenció of the first.

Finally, the criminal's investigation can already focus on a single household, related to the convent of Santa Anna.

Three threats, reminiscences of the carlines wars, other unresolved crimes, inflammatory notaries, endevinaires remeieres, religious sermons and ravings, feminist claims... have the plot of the book.


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